COVID-19 Service Updates

The downturn in cartridge donations currently will make a big dent in the contribution for the next few months. If you can help us in any way it would be much appreciated — sending us your cartridges or helping spread the word to others who might be able to.

Changes to Services

All of our services are operating normally (with social distancing practices).

Freepost address: Post Offices are still open and accepting parcels. Please remember to pay attention to maximum numbers of customers at a time, and to stay 2m apart from other customers.

Hermes Drop-Offs: most drop-off convenience stores are still open, but please call ahead if you are making a special trip. Please remember to pay attention to maximum numbers of customers at a time, and to stay 2m apart from other customers.

Collections: couriers will knock on your door, step back and wait for you to answer and place the item to be collected down, before stepping back yourself and waiting for the courier to collect the item. Signatures on collection will not be required.

Doubling the Number of Trees

If you are able to send us cartridges currently — whether from your home or your office — we have doubled the number of trees each item will contribute. That's 20 trees for every reusable unused cartridge, and 2 trees for every reusable empty cartridge.

Send Empty or Unused Cartridges

If you're not eligible for this service, please get in touch as we can recommend alternatives.

Help Us Spread the Word

If you're not currently able to send items, or don't have eligible items, you can help us by spreading the message about our services to colleagues and friends who may be able to help.

Our advertising budget is minimal so that we can pass on as much benefit to Trees for the Future as possible from your items, so your help in getting to the right people would be much appreciated.

Updates from Trees for the Future

The nature of their work has changed, but the mission of Trees for the Future — to help communities in the poorest countries around the world to revitalize their degraded lands by planting trees — is more important than ever.

The economic impact of COVID-19 will be much reduced if farmers can increase their food security and increase their income whilst helping improve the environment.

Read more about their COVID-19 response

Make a Direct Donation to Trees for the Future

Best wishes in this troubling time,

Anna, Cielo & Fergus @ Cartridges4Charity

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