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Here are our most frequently-asked questions. If you don't find an answer to your question feel free to send us an email enquiry and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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How Do I Get Started?

Just sign in or register and you'll get step by step instructions on how to recycle. We'll give you different instructions depending on what type of cartridges you have.

How Does the Tree Planting Work?

We've partnered with charity Trees for the Future so that for every cartridge we receive that we can reuse, we plant a tree on your behalf. Read more about Trees for the Future.

What's the Environmental Benefit of Recycling?

We actually try to ensure that your cartridges are reused instead of recycled. Reusing (that is, refilling) an empty cartridge saves up to 2.5kg of CO2 compared with manufacturing a new cartridge from scratch.

And when we plant a tree with Trees for the Future on your behalf (1 for each reusable empty cartridge received, and 10 for each reusable unused cartridge received), this will absorb an average of 180kg of CO2 over its lifetime.

Where's Your Telephone Number?

To keep costs down and ensure that we respond to all enquiries in the order that they were made, we offer support by email only.

Can You Take All Cartridges?

We need to ensure that the value of your cartridges is enough to cover the costs of collection, and processing, as well as the payment to Trees for the Future. This means, as with any other place you can send your cartridges, we will need some information from you about your cartridges before we can offer a free collection.

You can check your cartridges quickly and easily online.

But don't worry if we can't take your cartridges to plant trees with Trees for the Future — we'll help you to find alternative recycling options.

What About 'Compatible' Cartridges?

Some compatible cartridges have recycling value, and can be sent to plant trees.

If you already qualify for a free collection based on the other empty cartridges you have, then we can take any compatible cartridges at the same time for free.

Can You Send Me Some Boxes?

If possible, please use your own boxes to send these to us — that way you can reuse existing cardboard boxes instead of using new resources, which is much better for the environment and you don't have to wait for us to deliver boxes before your cartridges are collected.

If you have a large quantity of toner cartridges, and you're likely to meet the criteria for a free collection, then we can send you boxes if you need them.

Can You Send Me Some Freepost Envelopes?

I'm afraid we no longer offer these due to cost and complication. Instead, for sending small ink cartridges, please find a strong envelope or Jiffy bag to send your cartridges in, and follow the instructions to print or handwrite the Freepost label from our web site. This way you'll be able to send straight away.

Even better: why not reuse a Jiffy bag that you've received from somewhere else (these are hard to recycle otherwise) and save even more resources!

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