Donate Full, Unused Cartridges

  1. Get In Touch

Got 1 full, unused ink cartridge that you mistakenly ordered? Or 50 surplus toner cartridges for an old laser printer you replaced?

We collect & reuse these and plant 20 trees each with Trees for the Future — over 72,000 so far!

» Fill in your contact details below and we'll get in touch to check we can use your items.

  2. Pack & Ship

You get a free courier pickup or a prepaid label for a local-drop off at a parcel shop.

We can send you shipping cartons in some circumstances if you can't find suitable boxes to ship in.

We'll help find you alternative free recycling options if we can't reuse some of your items.

 3. Thank You

Your cartridges are sent to new homes and reused — which is a much better use of the planet's resources than simply recycling.

You receive a thank-you certificate showing the cartridges reused and number of trees you've helped us plant with Trees for the Future.

Request Unused Cartridge Pickup

If you just have used/empty cartridges please see our partner site EveryCartridge instead.

We'll then get in touch as soon as we can by email or phone to arrange the next steps.

Got Questions?

We collect both ink and toner cartridges, but we need basic details about your items to check that your specific cartridge models have enough value to cover our costs and raise funds for charity as there are thousands of types.

We take all of the most popular brands: Hewlett Packard, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Panasonic, Ricoh, Samsung, Xerox.

If we can't usefully reuse your full cartridges because they're too old or obsolete, we'll work with you to find a free alternative recycling option for them.

In most cases we can still take cartridges that have passed the expiry date or 'warranty ends' or 'install before' date, but this depends on the brand.

If any of your cartridges have been removed from their sealed inner packaging, these will need to be considered as 'used' because they'd need to be refilled and tested before being sent to consumers.

If your cartridges are non-OEM (often called 'compatible', 'recycled' or 'remanufactured' cartridges and made by a brand or company that is not your printer's manufacturer) then they probably won't have a reuse value but it's worth checking and we can advise you free recycling alternatives.

We need to check that we can reuse your items and raise funds for Trees for the Future before we collect because we pay for the shipping, staff to process and check consignments, and disposal/recycling fees for any cartridges that can't be reused.

Generally we need to know the models numbers of your cartridges, quantities, box condition, and that they were made by your original printer manufacturer (and not 'compatible' or 'recycled' versions made by another brand or company.)

If you have a large number, we don't need every detail, but we will need to know that we can reuse most of what you're sending us.

A clear photo of your unused cartridges in their packaging really helps — we can check the model numbers, quantities, and verify their condition for you.

For every reusable cartridge we receive (that is, one we asked you to send, and that arrives in good condition), we plant 20 trees with Trees for the Future.

So next time you upgrade your printer, or are clearing out your office or drawers, think of the forest of trees you can contribute to with your full and unused surplus printer cartridges.

Yes! We do need to check that we can use the particular cartridges you have, but once we've done that we'll give you a free pickup, or a free drop-off at a local parcel counter, and for larger quantities of cartridges we can supply free large sturdy shipping cartons to send them to us in.

With this service, your cartridges are reused as they were originally intended — as full cartridges that we find homes for in an appropriate printer. This reduces the number of printer cartridges that needs to be manufactured, which reduces use of oil to produce plastics, precious metals, and energy used in construction.

Recycling — breaking cartridges down into component materials for use in different products — may be better than sending products to landfill, but is a last resort for items that can't be reused as it still uses much more energy and oil and other natural resources.

Nothing we receive is sent to landfill.

We operate across the entire United Kingdom by using nationwide couriers to transport your items. In some cases, if you have a large number of more valuable items and are within 100 miles one of our warehouses we may be able to collect your cartridges loose without having to pack them up into shipping boxes.

If you're in the US or Canada, try our partner CartridgeForest instead.

Please do not open the boxes or packaging that the cartridges came in — we need to receive the items in their original, sealed packaging and as good a condition as possible.

We mostly use ground shipping carriers to ship your items, so you will need to put them (in their original packaging) into a sturdy outer protective shipping carton — if you have a large number of items, we can supply these free of charge if you cannot find a suitable box of your own to use.

If you're based in the UK, we may be able to collect directly from your site in our own vans.

Normally this is not possible, and we will give you alternative free recycling options for the items that we can't take.

We will need to do a quick check to see that we can usefully reuse your items before we allow you to send, even if you are generously offering to pay the shipping charges.

If you have some suitably-sized cardboard boxes you can reuse, that's ideal as it'll be quicker and you're reusing existing resources.

In some cases, if you have a larger number of big unused cartridges to ship then we can provide sturdy shipping cartons and tape.

  Recent Recycling Activity

  Andrea reused 3 unused cartridges and planted 60 trees. 10 hours ago

  John reused 7 unused cartridges and planted 140 trees. 11 hours ago

  Kathy reused 5 unused cartridges and planted 100 trees. 1 day, 8 hours ago

  Fall 2020 Updates

  15,416 trees planted

  2,774 tonnes of CO2 saved

  over 55,000s total to date!

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