Send Unused Cartridges

Please don't send any used cartridges using this service, as this facility does not handle them.

If you have full, unused, surplus or unwanted cartridges for an old printer, or that were mistakenly ordered, we can find a new home for these. For each one that we can reuse we plant 20 trees with Trees for the Future.

By unused, we mean any cartridge that is full and has never been installed into a printer. Ideally, they'll be sent unopened and sealed in their original packaging.

If we can reuse your unwanted unused cartridges we'll collect your cartridges for free from your premises or give you a drop-off option.

Tell Us About Your Cartridges

Please send us a message including your telephone number and company name and we'll get in touch with next steps about our service.


Can You Take All Unused Cartridges?

We can take most original cartridges, but we need to check what you have first to ensure that we can reuse them, and that we can cover the cost of collection and processing as well as planting trees with Trees for the Future.

Can You Send Me Some Boxes?

Please use your own boxes to send these to us — that way you can reuse existing cardboard boxes, and you'll get them sent more quickly.

Can I Send Empty or Used Cartridges Too?

We can only handle your unused/surplus/full cartridges. If you have any empty/used cartridges, please visit our partner EveryCartridge to find recycling facilities for those.

I Have HP Ink Cartridges. How Do I Check the Expiry Date?

The 'warranty ends' date is shown on the back of the box in this location:

Picture of back of HP ink cartridge box with warranty expiry date highlighted

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  Fall 2020 Updates

  15,416 trees planted

  2,774 tonnes of CO2 saved

  over 55,000s total to date!

  Recent Recycling Activity

  Jacque reused 2 unused cartridges and planted 40 trees. 6 days, 22 hours ago

  Karon reused 6 unused cartridges and planted 120 trees. 1 week ago

  Dorothy reused 31 unused cartridges and planted 620 trees. 1 week ago

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