Tree Planting by Recycling Printer Cartridges for Charity

🀝 Our Charity Partnership

For every full & unused cartridge donated that we repurpose — even better than just recycling — we plant 2 trees! 🌲🌲

We're official partners with charity Trees for the Future — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in Maryland, US that plants trees across 9 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to improve the environment & local communities.

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So your old ink & toner cartridges can now have a second life & make a huge impact on charity & our environment.

Donate Unused Toners For Charity

🌲 Trees For The Future's Work

Since they were founded in 1989 they have planted over 344 million trees across 30 countries in Asia, Africa & Latin America.

In 2024 their work is centered on Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal & Mali.

Their 'forest garden' approach improves soil health, increases biodiversity, and provides economic benefits for local people to promote sustainability in these rural communities.

πŸ“ˆ Our Charity Contributions

Since 2015, we've been able to repurpose over 32,000 cartridges & plant:

🌳 over 145,000 trees!

These trees have captured an estimated:

🌎 25,000 tons of CO2

Current tree-planting in 2024 is in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal & Mali — our funds are given freely to Trees For The Future for them to allocate across their campaigns.

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🌲 Why Plant Trees?

Planting 1 tree captures, over its lifetime, an estimated 400lbs, so for every full cartridge donated:

1 cartridge = 2 trees 🌲🌲

2 trees 🌲🌲 = 800lbs of CO2

800lbs of CO2 is equivalent to a return flight from Washington DC to Charlotte, NC.

This makes our program a great way to fully offset the carbon emissions of your printing activities!

And aside from the trees, when you recycle your printer cartridges for this charity, you also massively reduce (up to 100%) the resources used in making a new cartridge.

Read our comparison of different cartridge disposal options to see why it's so important.

πŸ“ˆ total progress so far: 2015 β†’ 2024


repurposed by our 1,000s of supporters instead of recycled


planted with our charity partner Trees For The Future

tons of CO2

captured by these trees based on 180kg CO2 sequestered over a tree's lifetime

πŸ₯° our supporters β†’ a forest of stories

Certificate 0

Maschoff Brennan

in Salt Lake City, UT donated 5 HP toners

& planted 10 trees

April 12, 2024

Certificate 1

Priority Mechanical

in Edmonton, AB donated 13 Xerox photocopier items

& planted 26 trees

April 11, 2024

Certificate 2


in UK donated 5 Epson inks

& planted 10 trees

April 10, 2024

Certificate 3


in Dallas, TX donated 27 Epson inks

& planted 54 trees

April 10, 2024

Certificate 4

CUPE Local 79

in Toronto, ON donated 8 HP laserjet toners

& planted 16 trees

March 27, 2024

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